Born in 1970 in Fontes-Santa Marta de Penaguião, Portugal. In an early age the piano grasped his interest, staring his studies at the Music Academy of Vila Real, with the teacher Alberto Mendonça.

Then he continued his studies at the Porto Conservatory where he concluded the Piano degree, with Francisco José Monteiro, Jorge Martins, Hélia Soveral.

Later on he has studied with Alicia de Larrocha (Spain), Vladimir Viardo (Russia), Helena Sá e Costa (Portugal), Jörg Demus (Austria) e António Rosado (Portugal).

Raul Pinto has given music lessons at several schools, namely Real Filarmonia in Vila Real, Escola Preparatória of Vila Pouca de Aguiar and at the Escola Profissional de Arte of Mirandela. He has also conducted the Fundação Dr. Carneiro Mesquita Choir in Fontes, Santa Marta de Penaguião.

Since 1998 he has been developing an intense activity of concerts, being present at the most important music festivals in Portuguese and foreign auditoriums and theaters.

His professional activity distributes between solo recitals and presentations in different chamber formations and also with scenic-musical shows.

He also works closely with several composers, among which are the names of Virgílio Melo and Alexandre Delgado both in the interpretation of Portuguese contemporary music work and in the performance of commented concerts and colloquies.

In 1999, with other musicians he founded the Association Músicos & Músicas, which has developed an intense work of musical divulgation mainly on the north of the country.

Alongside the performance concerts, Raul Pinto has been dedicated also to the production of music festivals: ‘Curso para Ouvintes’ (2000) in Vila Real; ‘Música ao Norte 2001’ in Amarante and Bragança, ‘Música ao Norte 2000’ in Fontes and Chaves, ‘Schubertíada’ in 2003 at the Aula Magna-UTAD and in 2006 ‘Memorando Lopes-Graça’ in collaboration with Atelier de Composição, a project that was awarded the higher classification at a national level by the Instituto das Artes/ Cultural Ministry.

In 2000, he participated at the recordings the CD ‘Exposed on the cliffs of the heart’, with the work of the north-american composer, Terry Winter Owens. In 2002 he recorded music works of Schubert and Chopin, in Rome. In 2005 he recorded for RDP, the Portuguese national radio.

From 2007 to 2009 he has exercised the functions of Artistic Director of the Theater Ribeiro Conceição in accumulation with functions of executive Director.